Easy to use


Cloud service


100% Automated

Frame is the only app-delivery service that is 100% automated. With your gentle initiation, your own workspace will be up running in under 5 minutes.

There are no phone calls to make, or even worse, receive before you try it. No minimum orders either.

We worry about operations and hosting, so you don’t have to. You're done away with those unsightly, on-premise servers for good.

100% Web

Connect from any browser

Do your work

From any device



Apps on Frame run in all 5 major browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera. We leave no computer behind: even Chromebooks and ChromeOS are fully supported.

There is no need for bothersome installations: no plugins, no Flash, no Java, no ActiveX. Just pure HTML5 goodness. Should be good.

Bring files

From cloud storage

Like Dropbox

It’s fast


Turn your Dropbox storage into a network drive

Frame lets you access your files directly from cloud storage systems, like Dropbox.

Your cloud storage becomes a network drive that all your apps can use. Give it a go.

Local feel

Of high performance protocol

Sometimes it's hard to believe

It runs from the cloud


Innovative. Truly.

We built a supreme protocol for streaming apps with minimal latency and maximal leverage of the world’s most popular video codec, H.264. Move over VNC, RDP, HDX, and PCoIP.

We also figured out how to deliver great performance over TCP port 443. This gives us the advantage of maximum compatibility. No more waiting for months to open UDP holes in the firewall.