If you’re a software vendor, and you have a desktop app that you want to make available as a service, you call Frame, and they help you make it happen. Done.

Brian Madden, VDI Guru, brianmadden.com

The largest ISVs in the world, including Adobe, Autodesk,
ANSYS, Bentley, Siemens, and SOLIDWORKS,
trust Frame Platform to power their cloud solutions.

New industry leaders, such as
Configura, Multiview, and Incontext Solutions,
are creating new market categories using Frame Platform.

There’s never been a better time
to move to the cloud.

Get all the benefits of a native web-based app without rewriting any code.

frame platform

Instant customer engagement

Don’t lose leads due to failed downloads or hardware incompatibility. Deliver a consistent, high-performance demo experience, backed by Frame's revolutionary application delivery technology and NVIDIA GRID GPUs.

frame platform

OS and device independence. It’s about time

Your Windows applications can now run just as well on a Mac, iPad, or Chromebook. You only need to develop and manage a single application build to reach a much larger audience. Plus, your users get more flexibility. What's not to like!

frame platform

Full production SaaS

Acquire new customers and grow your business by enabling bold new use cases. Sell subscriptions and kick-start your recurring revenue stream. And keep all your users on the same software version to simplify access and regain control over software license compliance.

"Frame Platform delivers a whole new degree of flexibility to our customers and opens up a new set of opportunities for our 3D configuration and space planning software business."

Tobias Wester, CIO, Configura

Cloud lets you instantly engage
with your customers

frame platform

Frame is so much more than just an application streaming technology: it is
an end-to-end production ready platform that helps you align your software
with modern cloud-based workflows.

"Our immersive 3D virtual stores give our clients better insights into customer shopping preferences.  Frame made it easier than ever for us to reach 5X more users by running our virtual stores directly in a browser, with no plugins or downloads needed."

Tracey Wiedmeyer, CTO, Incontext Solutions

frame platform

using Frame

Even the most graphically intense 3D tools for visualization, science and engineering, and cutting-edge design run with exceptional performance on Frame.

"As CAD and BIM technology solutions continue to evolve, the cost of owning and maintaining not just software but high-end desktop hardware, as well, is becoming a critical business issue. The ability of browser-based CAD to replicate the same performance expectations that Vectorworks users have on their desktops can open up a number of possibilities.”

Donne Martin, Cloud and Mobile Technologies Manager, Nemetschek Vectorworks

Purpose-built for software vendors

The amazing graphical performance of Frame feels like magic.
But our customers are even more amazed by the breadth of
features purpose-built for ISVs.

frame platform

Get started fast

  • Instant online demos - just one line of code
  • Software trials with configurable time limits
  • Turnkey user authentication and tracking

Leverage powerful tools

  • Integrated end-user feedback collection
  • Automatic capacity scaling
  • Session and usage analytics and reporting

Customize the experience

  • Fully configurable end-user experience and branding
  • Choose from a variety of file storage options
  • App multi-tasking for complex user workflows

Confidently ramp production

  • One-click publish from staging to production
  • Super Admin for multiple accounts
  • Turnkey end-user metering and billing

"Frame lets us deliver our client-server solution to hospitals around the country without any overheads of on-prem installation, hardware procurement, and issues with the network. It is amazing.”

Jon Fisher, CTO

Two options to use Frame if you are
a software vendor or a developer:

Frame as a development platform

  • Configure your software on Frame
  • Integrate with your other web services
  • Bring your fully packaged product to market
  • Directly manage the overall service

Frame as a distribution platform

  • Package and certify your software on Frame
  • Pre-configure a recommended workspace environment
  • Market the solution to your customers and channel
  • Let customers manage their own IT environment on Frame

"Frame makes our startup's vision of building a community around scientific apps so much easier - we'll get to market much faster than our original plans."

Arnaud Rigny, Entrepreneur

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