Pick up where you left off.

Frame is a Personal Cloud Computer that follows you wherever you go.

Your Personal Cloud Computer

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Install any software

Running your favorite applications from the cloud on all of your computers, smartphones, and tablets is what Frame is all about. Sign into Frame from any browser and immediately have your own personal cloud computer. All Windows apps work on any OS with a browser, no plugins required.

frame personal

Cloud as your network drive

When you use the cloud as your hard drive, every file is at your fingertips. Frame lets you work with files directly from Dropbox, Google Drive or Box so you have both apps and files available wherever you are.

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Pay only for what you use

Other products for running apps in the cloud are designed to charge you for 24/7 usage, regardless of how much you really use the service.

This means if you only use 20 hours in a month, you still get charged for 730 hours (a full month). We don't think that's fair. With Frame, you only get billed for what you use. See pricing to learn more.

frame personal

Scale up, scale down

Frame is the only platform that lets you change the size of your personal cloud computer with a click of a button. When you need more processing power, scale up for extra RAM and faster CPU. When doing work with lighter apps like Microsoft Office, scale down to save money.

frame personal

Work together

You can share your applications on Frame with anyone in the world, simply by sharing your session URL.

Even users without accounts on Frame can join - how is that for instant, simple collaboration?

“I’ve been editing photos in my browser using Frame. It’s one of those moments; Frame is really a miracle for me.”

Matthew M.