Frame for Business and Enterprise

Less plumbing. More time to enjoy the view.

Cloud workspace that keeps you moving at the speed of business.

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Install, manage, and scale your critical apps from a simple, elegant dashboard.
Publish apps, updates, and security patches to users with just one click.

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Chose from a number of storage options. Connect directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Creative Cloud. Use your own cloud NAS, like Panzura, or manage network share on a built-in utility server. Large files open quickly when both your files and apps are in the cloud.

Save money

Great value for
lightweight office work
on Air 4GB and Air 8GB.

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Save time

Great performance for
graphics and simulation
on Pro 16GB and Pro 64GB.

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Scale resources up and down with your changing needs. Only pay for you use. Run workloads in any AWS or Azure datacenter around the world.

Discover the future of enterprise workspace

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Stay on top of everything.

Installing and managing a large Citrix farm is a daunting task. Frame lets you operate a global system with 1,000s of users across multiple clouds, all from a single pane of glass. Delight your users on on any device with a browser, no plugins required.

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Access file from anywhere

Frame Enterprise storage options include connecting to on-premises or cloud-based NAS, or using globally locking file system, like Panzura. You can also use your own file system or try our built-in option for persistent, per-user storage.

If your company is using Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution for secure handling of documents, it's really easy to connect it to your Frame system. Our unique storage technology lets users access every file directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box, without syncing.

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Pay only for what you use

Most Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions charge you for 24/7 usage, regardless of how much you really use them.

This means if you only use 20 hours in a month, you still get charged for 730 hours (a full month). We don't think that's fair. With Frame, you only get billed for what you use.

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Scale up, scale down

Frame is the only platform that lets you change the size of the virtual workstation with a click of a button. When your need more processing power, it's easy to scale up for extra RAM and faster CPU. When doing work with lighter apps, like Microsoft Office, scale down to save money. As an admin, you control access to resources for each group.

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Collaboration at work

Frame makes it easy for your entire company to work together across multiple offices and add amazing capabilities to locations that you can't service from your datacenter.

You can also share your applications on Frame in real time with anyone in the world, simply by sharing your session URL.

“I’ve been able to install our critical accounting apps and connect them to an Oracle database server, all from my browser. Frame saved me 3 months of work that I would spend buying and configuring the system. It's 100% uptime. It's an amazing value.”

Christian G.

“With Frame, I can get rid of my boat anchor of a laptop and, literally, take weight off my shoulders. Now I can use SOLIDWORKS anywhere, even at the beach.”

Milt Venetos, Principal and Founder, Wyatt Enterprises

Industries using Frame for Business

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Large assemblies, simulation, and rendering made easy — Frame lets any device function like a virtual workstation.

Save time with centralized management and administration of your CAD applications, licenses, files, and computing resources with Frame.

Access high-end CAD workstations in the cloud that scale up and down with your changing needs. You don't have to wait for your CAD tools to move to the cloud... Do it yourself today!

Read our white paper on Frame for CAD


Does you team need a multi-site collaboration with Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD? Frame is the best solution for accessing massive project files: instead of moving gigabytes of data, you can run applications in the cloud and only move pixels using Frame WAN-optimized protocol. Save time and storage cost, too.

Getting to your files is easy: all Frame systems are on a fast link to C4R and other Autodesk360 services. And if you want to use your own Revit Server, you can install and configure it on our built-in Utility server.

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frame business

Financial services

Desktop versions of accounting software, like QuickBooks, can now run on all devices, even iPads and Chromebooks.

Tired of driving to your customer's office just to take a look at their books? Frame lets you do all your work remotely and securely.

Manage your entire business online: Frame comes with integrated tools for super admins, including user management, so you can scale quickly.

Digital content creation

Access powerful CPUs (up to 16 cores) to blaze through real-time filters and special effects, but only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Share a link to collaborate with colleagues on video or image editing projects and work from anywhere. You never know when the inspiration will strike. Frame is optimized to work great, even over a cellular connection, freeing you to follow your ideas wherever they go.

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“Cloud-based 3D engineering tools are nifty, but not mature enough for a production environment. Frame gives us the speed, reliability, and convenience of the cloud, but with tried-and-true code. Performing 3D design, simulation, and rendering in a browser? Game changed.”

Adam O’Hern, Head of Design, Mechanical Color

Learn how easy it is to migrate and manage your Windows applications in the cloud.