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Your own personal cloud computer, starting at $10 a month.



$ 10 per month Plus hourly usage*
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Standard includes all of these these great features:

  • Your own cloud computer to run Windows apps on any device
  • Pick from any of eight datacenters on 5 continents
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Built-in storage integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box (smart sync)
  • Native Frame Terminal for iOS
  • Community based support at


$ 15 per month Plus hourly usage*
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Everything from the Standard plan, and:

  • Change your instance on the fly
  • On-demand access to Pro instances with NVIDIA GPU

*Usage (compute) is charged at $0.01 per credit for all plans. See below for credit consumption rates.
Prices shown are for US datacenters. Please contact us for Europe and Asia-Pacific pricing.

What are credits?

Credits are used to rent cloud computing on Frame. For example, you need 10 credits for one hour of usage of an Air 4GB system. More powerful systems use more credits per hour. Frame Personal credits cost $0.01 per credit.

Frame System RAM CPU GPU Usage Ideal for
Air 4GB 4 GB 1 core - 10 credits per hour General purpose apps:
Office, coding/IDE
Air 8GB 8 GB 1 core - 20 credits per hour General purpose graphics apps:
Photo editing, 2D CAD
Pro 16GB 16 GB 4 cores 1 GPU 100 credits per hour Graphics-intensive apps:
SolidWorks, Creo, video editing
Pro 64GB 64 GB 16 cores 4 GPU 400 credits per hour Rendering & simulation.
Get results up to 10x faster.

Credit usage rate for North America.

Frame is the world's first elastic cloud computer that lets you add more RAM, CPU power or a graphics card with the click of a button. It's never been this easy to switch to a system that fits your needs (available in the Pro plan as the Standard plan supports only the Air 4GB system). Please note that all credits are consumed based on full hour increments of usage.

How does System Switching work?

Imagine you need to design a part in SolidWorks and then review your Bill of Materials in Excel. You can start working on a Pro 16GB system with dedicated NVIDIA GPU for CAD, and then scale down to the Air 4GB when you're working on your spreadsheets. Then, when you need ultimate performance (for simulations or rendering), crank things up with the Pro 64GB. With 16 CPU cores and 4 NVIDIA GPUs just a click away, you’ll never be at a loss for speed.

This is how people are using Frame.

frame example brad

Brad is an account manager. Air 4GB is Brad’s choice to run QuickBooks, Excel and PowerPoint. He uses less than 20 hours a month and his monthly bill is $9.99.

frame example claudia

Claudia is a designer. She’s mostly editing photos and creating 2D images on Air 4GB. But when she needs to work on 3D and motion graphics, she switches to Pro 16GB.

frame example marco

Marco is a 3D CAD designer. He’s using SolidWorks on Frame’s Pro 16GB, then gets his rendering done in a fraction of time when he switches to Pro 64GB.

Frame Personal FAQ

What is Frame?

Frame gives you your own personal computer in the cloud starting at $10 a month.

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