What is Frame?

Run Windows applications in the cloud.
Access them from your browser — no plugins required.

Whether you use a Mac, PC, iPad or a Chromebook, you’ll get stunning
performance running Windows apps on Frame.

How does it work?

Frame runs your applications on powerful servers in the cloud and
delivers the user interface to your browser as an optimized H.264 video stream.

Mouse and keyboard actions are sent back to the Frame Cloud in real time
The user interface updates so quickly it feels like the app is running locally — even when
you’re thousands of miles from our servers.

All you need is a browser

No client software. No plugins. No Java. No Flash.
All you need is an HTML5-capable browser like
Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE11.

mainframe2 devices

Get real time response
on real world networks

Frame gives you a great experience on everyday networks.  It can deliver a stunning 60 frames per second using 3 Mbps of bandwidth, then drop to 10 kbps when nothing’s happening.

When you need top performance, Frame can run on powerful servers with dedicated NVIDIA graphics processors. It means that apps run faster in our cloud than on your laptop — even 3D CAD and digital editing tools.

Bring your own files — with our really fat pipes

Frame lets you use Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or your own cloud storage as your hard drive.
It’s not just convenient, it’s also blazingly fast.

Apps on Frame access cloud storage over massive 600 Mbps pipes — 100x faster than the average upstream connection. Even when you modify a large file, changes are sync’ed in seconds.

mainframe2 files

Get off the ground
in 15 minutes

Windows apps run unmodified on Frame, so you can install them the same way you would on a PC. Our system then automatically detects new applications for onboarding.

A few clicks publishes your onboarded apps to our elastic cloud, even across multiple datacenters on 5 continents.

One Frame.
Many clouds.

Avoid single-cloud lock-in. Choose from many options based on your geographical, technical or regulatory needs — or use them all at the same time. Frame lets you scale around the world, on infrastructure from Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other partners.

Real-time collaboration with any desktop app

Frame brings collaboration to any Windows application. Click ‘Share session’ and send the URL to a colleague to have them join your session from their browser.  You’ll both see the same desktop app and can share the mouse and keyboard in real-time.

Distribute software
like a YouTube video

If you're a software publisher, you can distribute and embed Windows apps in a web page, just like a YouTube video. On the right, we embedded Google Nik HDR Efex Pro using a single line of HTML:

<script src = 'https://live.fra.me/embed/mf2ea.js?hash=npJZrgpR&size=M'></script>

Frame is a revolutionary visual cloud

For individuals

mainframe2 individuals

Install your own Windows apps directly in the cloud and access them from any device. It’s like having your PC available on demand, only a click away.

For education

mainframe2 individuals

Stream apps to your students on Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, and iPads. Easy cloud deployment and integration means hassle-free IT at your school.

For businesses

mainframe2 enterprises

Work way better: compared to old-school VDI, Frame is
3 times faster, a third of the cost, and 1% of the administrative complexity.

For software vendors

mainframe2 vendors

Deliver software from the cloud and move your business to a SaaS model in weeks. It’s also great for instant demos, training, trials and betas.