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See an overview of the dashboard.

mainframe2 overview

The dashboard is the Mainframe2 admin console. Watch how it can be used to onboard and publish apps, manage system capacity, and track usage.

Learn how to go live in 3 easy steps.

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It's as easy as installing an app on a desktop PC — just copy any standard Windows Installer to a virtual desktop on our “sandbox” and launch it. We do the rest.

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mainframe2 step-2

Once you’re happy with how your app runs in the sandbox, one click replicates it to our elastic production infrastructure.

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mainframe2 step-3

Your app can now be distributed like a YouTube video — as a URL, or as an embedded player on a public webpage.

mainframe2 howitsdone-3

Think about how you’ll use Mainframe2.

Deliver your Windows apps as a service

Distribute your apps from our elastic Mainframe2 cloud and get the agility and flexibility of a true SaaS model.

But moving to the cloud doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing leap…


Many of our customers use Mainframe2 for embedding instant live demos and free trials in their websites…


or for running frictionless beta programs that let you update everyone to the latest build with a single click.

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