Frame for Education

The perfect pairing for Chromebooks, Macbooks
and just plain books!

frame education

Frame allows schools to stream Windows applications from the cloud through a browser.
Everything is online and managed from a single, elegant dashboard.

With Frame for Education you can:

frame education

Go 1:1 with Chromebooks or Macs
without losing any functionality

Lower costs by getting rid of
on-premise server equipment

Eliminate expensive computer labs
and wait times for machines

Work from home, even using
engineering software

Collaborate just by
sharing a link

Configure and troubleshoot student
machines from a single dashboard

“We are going to 1:1 starting next year. Frame is a great way for us to offer applications like AutoCAD and Microsoft Office to students with Chromebooks.”

Michael Connors, Technology Director,
Riverside Brookfield High School, Riverside, IL

What is Frame?

Free your desktop apps and let them run in the cloud.
Access them from your browser. No plugins required.

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Your Windows apps, wherever your students are.

No more late nights in the computer lab.
All Windows apps are now on Chromebooks, Macs and iPads too.

"The first time I saw Frame I could barely believe it. With Frame I know exactly how much students are using the system, and they can work from anywhere... Suffice it to say, we are very, very pleased with Frame’s performance.” "

Don Clifton, District Technology Coordinator,
Northwestern Local School District, West Salem, OH

Pricing: Frame for Education

Centralized IT and apps for your class or school. Starting at $10 per student per month.


$ 10 per student per month
Credits: $0.01 Contact Us

Standard includes all of these these great features:

  • Centrally manage your class and provision students
  • Easy management and centralized billing
  • Publish Windows apps to your students on any device
  • Pick from any of 20 datacenters on 5 continents
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Storage integration with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box


$ 15 per student per month
Credits: $0.01 Contact Us

Everything from the Standard plan, and:

  • Students can change systems on the fly
  • On-demand access to Pro instances with NVIDIA GPU
  • Custom student notifications & feedback collection
  • Option to increase image disk size to support more applications ($0.20 GB/month)
  • Option to add utility server(s) for license management, client-server applications and more (from $100/month)


  Call us for pricing
Credits: $0.01 Contact Us

Everything from the Pro plan, and:

  • Sign in with Google
  • Advanced analytics to optimize use
  • Super admin access to manage multiple classes with different apps
  • Advanced analytics to optimize use
  • Option to add VPN Gateway for access to on-prem resources (from $100/month)
  • Sandbox, utility server, and account settings cloning and backups
  • Volume infrastructure purchase and custom billing options

What are credits?

Credits are used to rent cloud computing on Frame. For example, you need 10 credits for one hour of usage of an Air 4GB system. More powerful systems use more credits per hour.

Frame System RAM CPU GPU Usage Ideal for
Air 4GB 4 GB 1 core - 10 credits per hour General purpose apps:
Office, coding/IDE
Air 8GB 8 GB 1 core - 20 credits per hour General purpose graphics apps:
Photo editing, 2D CAD
Pro 16GB 16 GB 4 cores 1 GPU 100 credits per hour Graphics-intensive apps:
SolidWorks, Creo, video editing
Pro 64GB 64 GB 16 cores 4 GPU 400 credits per hour Rendering & simulation.
Get results up to 10x faster.

Credit usage rate for North America.

Frame is the world's first elastic cloud computer that lets you add more RAM, CPU power or a graphics card with the click of a button. It's never been this easy to switch to a system that fits your needs (available in Standard and Plus plans as the Starter plan supports only the Air 4GB system). Please note that all credits are consumed based on full hour increments of usage.

How does System Switching work?

Imagine your students need to work on a design in their 3D modeling class and then write a report in Word. They can start working on a Pro 16GB system with a dedicated NVIDIA GPU for CAD, and then scale down to the Air 4GB when they're working on their report. Then, when they need ultimate performance (for simulations or rendering in their engineering class), they can crank things up with the Pro 64GB. With 16 CPU cores and 4 NVIDIA GPUs just a click away, they'll never be at a loss for speed.

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