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Cloud workspace for your entire team.
Starting at $20 per user per month.

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$20 mo
$30 mo
Plans Standard Pro Enterprise
$ 20 per user per month $ 30 per user per month Call us   For a custom quote

Secure cloud workspace for Windows apps. Ideal for small teams. Pro graphics, advanced security, customization, and reporting. Extensibility, compliance, advanced security. Unlimited users and regions.


Team sizeDeliver apps to your team on any device. Up to 25 users Up to 50 users Unlimited
Usage cost (compute)Credits are used to rent cloud virtual machines. $0.01 per credit $0.01 per credit $0.01 per credit
Bandwidth and storage costAll bandwidth and default storage for Sandbox and Production instances included. Included Included Included
Windows OS and RDS-SALAll Windows OS and RDS licenses included. Optional: bring your own RDS license. Included Included Included
Utility serversUse as network share, licensing server, database server, or any other service. Add-on Add-on
VPN gatewayExtend your on-prem network to the cloud. Add-on Add-on
Manual BackupsManual backups of Sandbox and Utility servers.
Scheduled BackupsScheduled backups of Sandbox and Utility servers.
Multi-region supportGet access to all your cloud resources from a built-in super-admin account.

Key Features

Virtual apps for your teamAll plans come with admin dashboard to install and manage Windows apps in the cloud. Your team can access Frame from any Windows PC, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS or Android device, using only a browser. Up to 10 apps Unlimited Unlimted
Worldwide datacenters Frame is live in 8 datacenters (California, N. Virginia, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Brazil) on 5 continents.
Pick the datacenter closest to you for best performance and lowest latency.
Session roaming Start your apps on one device, then seamlessly move to another. You can configure your apps to run securely on Frame even when you are not connected. This feature also prevents you from losing your work in case you lose the Internet connection.
Real-time collaboration Let your team members collaborate simply sharing a URL to your active session. Collaborators connect from any device with a browser, no plugins required. Pick from a wide range of options for controlling the inputs.
1GB symmetric connection Frame systems are on the fast Internet connection, with both upload and download speeds approaching 1Gbps (1,000Mbps).
This is up to 200 times faster than your typical ADSL or cable connection.
Instance switching Standard plan can run apps on Air 4GB only. Pro and Enterprise plans let users switch between all available system configurations. It takes less than 2 minutes to switch (the system needs to go through a reboot, and live migration is currently not supported).


Dropbox (smart sync)
Box (smart sync)
Google Drive (smart sync)
Network share (utility server) Add-on> Add-on

Native Terminals

Frame Terminal for iOS

System configurations

There are 2 essential types of systems on Frame: Air, which uses CPU for graphics rendering, and Pro, with dedicated NVIDIA GPUs.
Air (basic graphics)
Air 4GB10 credits per hour
Air 8GB 20 credits per hour
Pro (dedicated graphics)
Pro 16GB100 credits per hour
Pro 64GB 400 credits per hour

Credit usage rate in North America.


Web Apps Up to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Service Level Agreements Add-on
Dedicated account manager Add-on

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